+ Do you allow dancing?

Yeah, baby! We actively encourage it.

+ I see you have online ticketing. Do I have to print my ticket?

No, but you can if you’d like. Some people keep their tickets on their phone, or we can also look you up with your photo ID.

+ Do you allow outside food or drink in the theatre?

Outside food is OK, outside drinks of any kind are *not*.

+ Do you serve food?

At most events, we serve hot slices of delicious Petrino’s Pizza. An awesome local favorite!

+ Do you have a bar?

We sure do, and we feature several delicious New Holland Brewing Company beers on-tap, along with a fine selection of wines and mixed drinks.

+ What does general admission mean? Will I have a seat?

All shows at the Park are “General Admission,” which means (outside of VIP/donor tables) there is no assigned seating. Capacity for our building is around 300, and we have seats for around 250 people. This is adequate for most shows, but for a sold out show – that means there will be some folks who need to stand. If you love to stand and/or dance, maybe this isn’t a big deal to you. If having a seat is super important to you, we highly recommend that you arrive well in advance of door time to increase your chances of getting a seat before they’re all taken.

+ Does the venue have age restrictions?

Most shows are 17 and up, unless accompanied by a legal guardian. If not, it will be stated on the event page.

+ Does the venue have a dress code?

No shoes, no shirt, no pants, no service. (Not all items have to be missing for the rule to apply)

+ Is there a Handicap section?

We provide a handicap section for all seated shows.

+ What time does the venue open?

30-60 minutes prior to a show. The door time is always listed.

+ Does the venue provide a coat check?

Now Offering Coat Check( Be sure to tip our Staff)

+ Where do I park my car?

A: There’s plenty of free, accessible parking in close proximity to the theatre. This includes a small lot directly behind the theatre, and lots of street parking. It is recommended that you *not* park in the lot adjacent to Reliable Ski, as that is not owned by, or affiliated with, the Park Theatre and towing warnings have been issued previously. Check out this great map for full details (the Park Theatre is at the corner of 10th and River).