Why Donate?

Who we are:

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Our mission is to preserve the historic Park Theatre through artistic programming, while also offering an affordable public rental space.

Q: What does this building need:

A: The building has a lot of needs, but our current objective is to add fire - suppression, and a south-wall egress to our facility. This will increase our capacity from 299 to 574 for a standing room concert.

The full project cost is $75,000.

So far we have received:

  • $14,000 Grant from MCACA
  • $10,000 Past donations
  • $17,000 Private donor (matching funds)
  • $13,000 Private donor (matching funds)

For a raised total of : $54,000

We are seeking private small donations to bridge that last gap of $21,000.

This could mean:

1000 ppl donating $21.00.

500 ppl donating $42.00.

100 ppl donating $210.00.

No donation is too small.

You can donate through the paypal button (only a credit card is required)


By check made out to:

Park Theatre Foundation

PO Box 1933

Holland, Michigan, 49422

Thank you!


Thank You MCACA!

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Thank you to Geenen & Kolean, P.C. for being a monthly sponsor of the Park Theatre! #sponsor #nonprofit #community

Every Tuesday, we host a pretty EPIC Open mic! Sign ups begin at 7:30 PM and the music flows until midnight! Plus, ONLY a $2 cover! 😱 We are all about jammin' at the Park Theatre and creating art together. So tell us... If you could jam with anyone, who would it be?

248 S. River Ave.
Holland, MI 49423