Why Donate?

Who we are:

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Our mission is to preserve the historic Park Theatre through artistic programming, while also offering an affordable public rental space.

Q: What does this building need:

A: The building has a lot of needs, but our current objective is to add fire - suppression, and a south-wall egress to our facility. This will increase our capacity from 299 to 574 for a standing room concert.

The full project cost is $75,000.

So far we have received:

  • $14,000 Grant from MCACA
  • $10,000 Past donations
  • $17,000 Private donor (matching funds)
  • $13,000 Private donor (matching funds)

For a raised total of : $54,000

We are seeking private small donations to bridge that last gap of $21,000.

This could mean:

1000 ppl donating $21.00.

500 ppl donating $42.00.

100 ppl donating $210.00.

No donation is too small.

You can donate through the paypal button (only a credit card is required)


By check made out to:

Park Theatre Foundation

PO Box 1933

Holland, Michigan, 49422

Thank you!


Thank You MCACA!