The Park Theatre is a fantastic place to host your next event. This charming, historic theatre, which ran as a single-run movie theatre for over 60 years, has become home to comedy troupes, bands, theater productions, dances, reunions, birthday parties, mystery dinners, and much more. If you’re looking for a venue with added character for your event–the Park can’t be beat.


Weekday: (Sunday – Thursday) – $500.00 + $100.00 per Bartender + Staffing/Administration/Cleaning Fee

Weekend: (Friday – Saturday) – $700.00 + $100.00 per Bartender + Staffing/Administration/Cleaning Fee

Wedding/Wedding Reception Rental: $1050.00 + $100.00 per Bartender + Staffing/Administration/Cleaning Fee

Renting for a non-profit or public concert production? Contact us for more information.

Deposit: A $300.00 deposit is required with every rental. If everything is as you found it at the end of the event, the $300.00 deposit will be completely refunded. If not, an appropriate amount will be deducted.

Rental Features: A typical rental is 8 hours and you must be out of the facility by 1:00 a.m., however, special arrangements may be made, depending on the needs of the next event or renter.

Flexible seating, use of all tables (36″ rounds – 10), round bistros (36″ – 7), and banquets (6′ – 6). All tables are equipped with chairs. For only chair seating, the theatre offers seating for 280.

Use of the stage with stage lights, and haze!

You may choose to have your event displayed on the marquee on the day of your event.

Concession area and full service bar.

You may have a poster hung in the display case on the day of your event.

House Set-Up: Upon your arrival, the theatre will be clean, tables set aside and chairs stacked. Guests are responsible for specific table and chair arrangements. The house must be returned (tables taken down, chairs stacked) to the way you found it. We can arrange the venue to your specific needs for a fee.

Insurance: For each rental we require insurance. Please contact the Park for details, and your insurance company to see if your current policy allows for this. If not, you must obtain a rider on your policy.

Food and Beverage: For public events, a licensed food vendor is required. For private events, there is more flexibility, contact us for more information. The Park Theatre has a class C Liquor License. All alcohol must be purchased through the theatre.

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Non - Profit Events
Private Party